About Us

Established in 2016, Meli Lips is committed to bringing customers in Glendale, AZ and throughout North America the very best in handmade beauty supplies. We make all of our products from scratch, using only fresh, safe ingredients. And, because we take the time to carefully craft everything we sell, you’re guaranteed to receive a product that’s far better than anything off the shelf.

Committed to Purity

Nourishing your body is important—after all, we only get one! This idea of being true to your body is what drives Meli Lips and all of the products we create. You won’t find harsh chemicals or strange substances in our soaps and lotions. Instead, we rely on the best that Mother Nature provides. As a result, we take pride in devoting ourselves to identifying environmentally-friendly ways to bring you the finest and freshest, 100% junk-free natural beauty supplies in Glendale, AZ.

Small Batch Goodness

Because we use only raw ingredients and natural compounds, we also take pride in producing small-batch products. Not only does this mean you’re getting soaps and lotions that are vibrant and aromatic, it also means each batch has its own originality, thanks to the food grade oils, dried herbs and essential oil blends we use. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing everything we make has been given personalized, wholesome attention.

Always Innovating

We are committed to producing products that are good for you and that we take great pride in. In fact, we’re always inventing new creations and testing new combinations. Innovation is what keeps us fresh! We encourage customers to send us their ideas and let us know their thoughts on product combinations. Who knows, our next creation could be your favorite!

Meli Lips Store

Experience Freshness

If you haven’t tried Meli Lips products yet, we encourage you to place an order today. We’re sure you’ll see the difference in quality and freshness as soon as you open your package. Speaking of packages, remember, we may be a brick and mortar location in Arizona, but we’re happy to ship across the U.S. and Canada!

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