soy Candles 

Is there anything more soothing and enjoyable than a freshly-lit candle sitting nearby? The light from the flame, the wafting scent and the subtle warmth—they’re enough to put anyone in a relaxing trance! Meli Lips is ready to make sure the next candle you light is one that soothes you, no matter what you’re doing.

Whether you’re taking a relaxing bath or just sitting nearby with a book, as soon as you light one of our soy candles, it’s sure to improve the atmosphere! Our candle store in Glendale, AZ carries invigorating scents that are wonderfully unique and truly a pleasure to enjoy. From staples like lavender and vanilla, to creations like oatmeal, milk and honey, our candles soothe the soul.

Custom Cadnles

If you’re searching for a candle that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, let us know about it! Custom orders are available by request. Just let us know what kind of scents you’re interested in and we’ll make sure you get them. When you light the wick of one of our candles, you’ll be met with a scent that’s everything you wanted and more.

Essential Oils

Don’t trust an open flame? You can still get all of the wonderful scents of our custom candles in the form of essential oils. Using any of our essential oil diffusers in Glendale, AZ, it’s easy to project these potent scents into your space, to enjoy their relaxing ambiance without having to worry about a lit candle nearby.


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