Soap needs to be more than just cleansing—it should also be nourishing to your skin and smell great, too! If you’re sick of over-the-counter soaps in Glendale, AZ drying out your skin or leaving you feeling like you just took a chemical bath, see what Meli Lips has to offer! Our handcrafted soaps were made with you in mind, using only the freshest ingredients. We promise soothing results, so you feel clean and comfortable the next time you lather up.

Our Ingredients

Our soaps are all made using ingredients that are proven to be nourishing. From refreshing green tea, to invigorating vanilla, to calming lavender and much more, we choose the scent combinations that are refreshing in every sense of the word!

The ingredients we use are also all-natural. You’ll never have to worry about harmful chemicals or parabens in our soaps, and you can soap up with confidence that your skin is getting the hydration it needs to look and feel great.

Custom Soaps

Looking for a certain scent or type of soap not pictured on our website? Custom orders are available by request! Just let us know what kind of products you’re interested in and we’ll make sure you get them. We’re always experimenting with new combinations, and we welcome your suggestions.

Essential Oils

Love the way our soaps smell? Check out our essential oils in Glendale, AZ! We derive many of our products from these vibrant fragrances and happily offer them as a complement to our soaps. If you can’t get enough of our citronella or lilac bars, get them in an essential oil and release their soothing scents throughout your living space.


Meli Lips is Arizona's premier provider of natural handmade soaps and skin care products.


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