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What makes our soap great

Soap needs to be more than just cleansing—it should also be nourishing to your skin and smell great, too! If you’re sick of over-the-counter soaps in Glendale, AZ drying out your skin or leaving you feeling like you just took a chemical bath, see what Meli Lips has to offer! 

Bath Bombs galore!

Run yourself a hot bath and drop in a bath bomb—it’s sure to completely transform the way you enjoy your time in the tub! Bath bombs are mesmerizing to watch as they dissolve in water, and when they’re gone, they’ll leave behind bathwater that’s infused with all sorts of nourishing goodies. You’ll leave the bath feeling more hydrated and refreshed than ever before!



Hand Poured Candles


Candles for every occasion

Is there anything more soothing and enjoyable than a freshly-lit candle sitting nearby? The light from the flame, the wafting scent and the subtle warmth—they’re enough to put anyone in a relaxing trance! Meli Lips is ready to make sure the next candle you light is one that soothes you, no matter what you’re doing.

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