Bath Accessories in Glendale, AZ

While you’re shopping around Meli Lips for handmade beauty products and luxurious artisan lotions and soaps, take some time to check out our beauty and bath accessories in Glendale, AZ. We’ve got all of the essential accessories you need to pamper yourself and enjoy time spent focusing on your relaxation.

Hand Selected Accessories

Just like our bath products in Glendale, AZ, all of the accessories we carry are hand-selected for quality and authenticity, to ensure our customers get the very best value and benefits from the products they buy. Come to us for:

  • Soap savers: Don’t let your soap go to waste! We stock soap savers so you have a place to rest your bar between uses, so it doesn’t get stuck to the surface or contaminated with debris.
  • Loofahs: Get the perfect lather with a loofah. Loofahs promote exceptional soap lathering and work to exfoliate your skin while you’re using them, to deep-clean your pores and provide you with a refreshing, radiant glow.
  • Bath salts: Add bath salts to your next bath and watch them effervesce! They’ll hydrate and exfoliate your skin, while giving you a soothing, calming sensation that improves every bath.
  • Sage: We sell bundled sage that can be burned for a cleansing, soothing aroma. Like incense, burning sage has the ability to re-settle and purify the air around us, restoring balance and calming energy in a way that’s holistic and pure.
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