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There’s a lot that goes into personal upkeep and beauty. With all the hard work you put in, shouldn’t you also be getting the benefits that come with natural, wholesome products? Meli Lips is pleased to offer you a wide variety of beauty items, to ensure you feel your best while you look your best.

Our Beauty Products

Whether you’re someone who spends hours on your daily beauty routine or just a few dedicated minutes, having the right products makes all the difference. We carry a great selection of the essentials, including:

  • Lotions: Choose from a great selection of awakening scents, made with hydrating ingredients! We’re well-known for our lotions in Glendale, AZ and welcome your skin nourishing needs. Our lotions are guaranteed to restore the vibrancy and softness of your skin.
  • Lip balms: Chapped lips? Our lip balms in Glendale, AZ will restore the softness and healthiness to your lips, so you can pucker with confidence! We use only the best in hydrating ingredients and pleasant tastes/scents.
  • Deodorant: With ingredients like sage, rosemary and tea tree, we create deodorants that are nourishing for your skin, as well as delightful to smell. Don’t settle for store-bought deodorants that clog pores and irritate your skin!
  • Bath bombs: Drop in a bath bomb and watch it fizz! Then, enjoy a soothing, hydrating bath that smells as great as it looks. Out bath bombs are just what you need to pamper yourself.
Natural Deodorant

Custom Products

Have an idea for your ideal lotion, lip balm or deodorant? Custom orders are available by request! Just let us know what kind of products you’re interested in and we’ll make sure you get them.

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