Bath Bombs


Meli Lips makes all of our bath bombs in Glendale, AZ by hand, infusing fresh ingredients and intoxicating smells into absolutely wonderful bath bombs. We promise after your first bath bomb, you’ll never be able to take a bath again without dropping in one of our creations!



Bath Bombs in Glendale, AZ

Run yourself a hot bath and drop in a bath bomb—it’s sure to completely transform the way you enjoy your time in the tub! Bath bombs are mesmerizing to watch as they dissolve in water, and when they’re gone, they’ll leave behind bathwater that’s infused with all sorts of nourishing goodies. You’ll leave the bath feeling more hydrated and refreshed than ever before!

Pamper Yourself

Bath bombs are a great way for you to give yourself some much-needed TLC. Not only does a bath bomb take care of your moisturizing routine, it’s also a great aromatherapy tool and a nice little bath treat that will lift your spirits. Think of how relaxing a bath is—then amplify that feeling!

How do Bath Bombs Work?

Bath bombs are a combination of soap, moisturizers, hydrators, scents and other goodies that dissolve in water. When you’re done running your bath, plunk in a bath bomb and watch it dissolve in just a minute or two, in a fizz of bubbles and carbonation. When you step into the tub, you’ll be met with water that’s soothing and relaxing. While you kick back and bask in your bath, all of the bath bomb’s ingredients will go to work on your skin!

Customize Your Bath Bomb

If you’re a lover of bath bombs and have always dreamed of concocting your own combination of scents and ingredients, Meli Lips can help. We love making custom orders for our followers and can take your ideas and bring them to life! Just let us know what ingredients and scents appeal to you, and we’ll put them together in the perfect bath bomb.


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